MDN INNOVA, MDN SEED and MDN TECHNO are three independent programs and environments included in MDN matrix with the following features:

  • A young organization that works hard to attract young talent who enjoy working in a collaborative environment of permanent learning.
  • A cluster prepared for young people with entrepreneurial aspirations who have the possibility of choosing different projects in which to insert themselves as entrepreneurs, with MDN TEC being the financial vehicle for inserting various Start-ups into the market
  • A work space for high performance mixed teams with flexibility and adapted to the demands of the new generations, with the guidance and advice of senior professionals adapted to the new ways of working.
  • A space for professional growing for those seeking greater specialization in cutting-edge disciplines.
  • A permanent research and evaluation workshop on modern technology applications that meet the challenges of the new needs of the industrial and B2B markets.
  • A space where companies can participate by sharing their concerns about innovation challenges, so that they can be resolved by teams of professionals who coexist between mature implementations for the current market, and the challenges of solving specific future technological needs with state-of-the-art technology applied, in an innovative way. Maintaining a high level of ethical commitment to the hybrid labor integration process and our involvement in the necessary re-education. (technology/new jobs).
  • A trainer of talent and experience to generate highly qualified resources, with a work methodology preparing professionals for future market challenges in various areas of interest.
  • A HUB of connections for work on international technological projects of a diverse nature. (in USA, Peru, Mexico, Spain, and others).
  • An environment of permanent technological updating, with trips, seminars and alliances with different international manufacturers.
  • A laboratory for the analysis of business problems in the operation of our clients, related in the same team with their experts at the operational, technological and business levels.